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Hire a Skip in Essex


With the numerous projects, both small and big scale, out there, waste can be produced. You may be constructing and/or renovating your home, garden or office space, and that entails materials and garbage that are needed to be thrown away.

This then arises the need to hire a skip. A skip, by definition, is an open topped container to put waste in and it typically has a trapezoid shape. It is put on a lorry and after rubbish is loaded in the skip, the truck is off to empty its contents in another site. Having one will help you tremendously in cleaning up.

There are many sizes available and the one you choose will depend on your needs. If you only have a small amount of garbage to dispose, of course, a mini skip is for you. This is ideal for waste of the household and/or the garden. Else, for other bigger waste from home, garden, commercial and construction, there are mid to large skips that you can avail. Nevertheless, it would be better and strategic for you to hire a skip larger than your actual load. Because if you do so, you get to save both time and money. For instance, you may underestimate the rubbish you have, then in actuality, it is not as you thought. The skip you hired then will have been too small, so you have to call for another one, adding to your expenses. This will be rather distressful, especially if you are on a budget.

Skips do a simple job of cleaning and transporting waste matter away but they have many specific rules that you should follow to avoid problems of any sort. First, there are numerous materials you cannot put in a skip. Electrical appliances and equipment such as fridges, freezers, television sets and the like should be taken to a registered Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment or WEEE facility. They should not be mixed with other waste. Same applies for asbestos. It is a hazardous chemical that is even illegal to reuse, recycle or to improperly dispose of. Inhaling this, even accidentally, can cause you asbestosis or lung cancer. Tyres, gas cylinders and batteries are not safe as well. They contain metals and chemicals that are dangerous and only the licensed are allowed to work with and remove them. Substances like paints, fuel and other liquids are a no-no in skips too.

Permitted materials include most general house waste such as boxes, toys, carpets, furniture pieces, paper, cardboards and many more. Garden matter like weeds, grass and branches are allowed as well. In addition, bricks, concrete, soil, sand and dirt are all right.

Of course, safety is a requirement, so it is advisable to keep everything inside the skip. You should not overfill it for it can endanger people on the road when the garbage truck passes by them. On top of that, overfilling a skip is illegal. This is because you are, again, causing harm to others. Do not obstruct anyone’s entryway or driveway too. On where you should put and keep your skip, it will depend on your skip’s size and also your location. A skip permit must be acquired to place it in a public road or lot. You will have to pay extra with the local council or to your hired company itself.

So, when hiring a skip, you have to identify what you are trying to get rid of. Classify them and see if they are not forbidden to be put in skips. If they are, then you have to contact the appropriate and authorised companies to get them and free you and your property of them. Choose a suitable size – not too big and not too small – so that you can be able to cater to your needs, which may change. This works because you may have lapses on your judgment as to the magnitude of your load is and at the very least this will prepare you for such.

It is essential to not only think of yourself too. You have to consider others and their protection. Even if there aren’t any chemicals, concrete blocks and such can fall and injure anyone that they fall onto. This here then reminds that overfilling is definitely something you should not do and practice.

Use a skip that is well maintained and of high standard, so that cleanup of your place will be done fast and easy. Discard your waste in a safe and environment friendly way.